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I’ve been actively working with GetSimple CMS and wanted to share a couple of plugins I’ve been working with.

GSGallery has been actively worked on and there is active discussion in the GetSimple Forums. Also I created google code pages for GSGallery and GSPolls that you can check out the latest version or to report and contribute to the projects.

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  • tnx

  • Hi, I try to show gallery on one page but not a show, edit gallery page put code {squareit_gallery_4c9e1064ca2dd} on content of this page and there is no picture. Why? how to use the correct code? I can not make it right?
    Please help me. thanks

  • After I put the plugin GSGallery in the plugins folder not showing pages content. Why?

  • Hello,

    where we could find a demo please?

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  • thumbnails do not appear in normal execution mode.
    Thumbnails appear only in edit mode.

  • thumbnails do not appear in normal execution mode.

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