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Working with Google Charts and Visualization API

Red line chart with pale gray backgroundThis week I had the chance to play around with Google’s charts API, and let me tell you that I’m loving it. In the past couple of years I’ve had to integrate charts into the different projects. I have used everything from Fusion Charts, to PHP/SWF Charts, and DOJO’s charting engine. But, since I learned that Google provided developers with an API to create charts on the fly, I wanted to give it a try. read more


Need For Speed? Google’s Page Speed

Google recently release the competition to Yahoo’s YSlow. The Firefox add-on to test and analyze your website speed and performance. I have been using YSlow for quite some time. It has helped me optimized my websites dramatically. Well, now google has entered the market with a similar tool called Page Speed. Page speed consists of two parts, page speed activity and page speed.

The Page Speed tab is a summary of the performance. It gives a detailed report with it’s respective grade. With this report you can see the areas that are in need of optimization.  It covers the following topics: read more