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5 Things: Working with Zend Framework and Ajax

Today I wanted to write about 5 awesome Zend Framework components/helpers that can help you when working with ajax.


This handy little method can eliminate the need to send extra parameters such as /ajax/true/ to let the controller know it’s an Ajax request. read more


Javascript Library Detector

Library Detector If you are like me, and you love to look under the hood of every interesting website you visit. You are going to like this Firefox add-on I stumbled upon today. The JavaScript Library Detector is simple and straight forward. It places in the status bar a favicon of each of the libraries the website you are currently viewing has. Placing the mouse over each icon brings up a little pop-up with the name of the library and the version it uses. read more


jAlert a jQuery Alert Box Plugin

jAlert is a very easy to use alert box plugin for the javascript framework jQuery. I developed this plugin to use in my own projects and now that I have my own blog I decided to share it with the world. read more