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Best Practices – Displaying Application Messages and Alerts

traffic-lightOn my last post I wrote on how to debug and log error messages using Zend Framework and Firebug. Today I wanted to write on how to properly display messages and alerts to users.

There are different type of messages you can display to a user in a web application. From the typical validation messages, to a dreadful fatal error in your app.  Here are some rules I tend to follow when alerting the users that they must take an action without causing confusion:

  • Use the same massaging system to display all messages
  • Stick to 3 different types: warning (yellow),  success (green), and error (red)
  • On system error, do not display the system error to the user
  • Display informative messages when interface can be confusing

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Javascript Library Detector

Library Detector If you are like me, and you love to look under the hood of every interesting website you visit. You are going to like this Firefox add-on I stumbled upon today. The JavaScript Library Detector is simple and straight forward. It places in the status bar a favicon of each of the libraries the website you are currently viewing has. Placing the mouse over each icon brings up a little pop-up with the name of the library and the version it uses. read more


jAlert a jQuery Alert Box Plugin

jAlert is a very easy to use alert box plugin for the javascript framework jQuery. I developed this plugin to use in my own projects and now that I have my own blog I decided to share it with the world. read more