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GetSimple Image Gallery – GSGallery v.2.0 Released

It is my pleasure to let you guys know that I just released version 2.0 of the GetSimple Image Gallery Plugin. This is a stable release that includes many fixes and improvements over the last release (v1.1.0).

New Major Features:

  • Create multiple galleries
  • Ability to put a caption to each image
  • Added Multi-Language support

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GetSimple Plugins: Simple Image Gallery

I think I’ve become addicted to GetSimple CMS. In 5 days I have fully developed 2 plugins (check out -> TweetMeme reTweet Button plugin) and started development in another. If you are a free-lance developer doing small websites for your clients, or you are just a regular guy trying to set up your small site. I recommend you check GetSimple. It’s easy to install, since it does NOT need a database. It pretty much works right out the box. read more


GetSimple Plugins: TweetMeme reTweet Button

Get Simple CMSThis is my first attempt at creating plugins for Get Simple CMS, an awesome CMS system I’ve been playing around lately. So, I recommend you guys check it out, if you are looking for a “Simple” content management system for your next project.

This plugin allows you to easily add TweetMeme’s reTweet Button to the content pages in GetSimple. It also includes a settings panel in the settings section of the administration area when you can customize the plugin. read more


Need For Speed? Google’s Page Speed

Google recently release the competition to Yahoo’s YSlow. The Firefox add-on to test and analyze your website speed and performance. I have been using YSlow for quite some time. It has helped me optimized my websites dramatically. Well, now google has entered the market with a similar tool called Page Speed. Page speed consists of two parts, page speed activity and page speed.

The Page Speed tab is a summary of the performance. It gives a detailed report with it’s respective grade. With this report you can see the areas that are in need of optimization.  It covers the following topics: read more


jAlert a jQuery Alert Box Plugin

jAlert is a very easy to use alert box plugin for the javascript framework jQuery. I developed this plugin to use in my own projects and now that I have my own blog I decided to share it with the world. read more